All photos by: Nathan Keay

No Limestone, No Marble, 2022
Nelly Agassi
Sound Installation, Ryan Packard

Installation: HVC airvent piping, prepared speaker cones, sub woofer, rice, tin foil, bells, plastic drum head, audio playback

Safe and Sound Performance: HVC air vent piping, prepared speaker cones, subwoofer, rice, tin foil, bells, plastic drum head, audio playback, prepared melodics, pipes, air compressor, mirrors, contact mics, spring drums, tuning forks, string, bows, super ball.

This installation is a collaboration between Nelly Agassi and myself for her solo exhibition, “No Limestone, No Marble”

Nelly Agassi’s solo exhibition, “No Limestone, No Marble” is a site-specific installation in the monumental Chicago Rooms gallery at the Chicago Cultural Center, curated by Ionit Behar and designed by Andrew Schachman. Israeli-born Chicago-based artist Agassi calls this project a “biography of the site” in which she develops a personal relationship with the past, present, and future history of a place in connection to her own. With this methodology, Agassi “sculpts” the site as a material, and creates a project from the specificity of the place in relation to the city of Chicago and the institution’s impact. A publication and performances are being planned in conjunction with this exhibition.

“No Limestone, No Marble” is funded in part by Artis and Konstnärsnämden, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee