work in two movements for amateur choir, clarinet trio, synth and subwoofer

This piece is dedicated to the people that resonate High Concept Laboratories Space in Mana Contemporary

what is it to be alone/together simultaneously?
explorations of the personal, duets, trios, groups, and the collective
explorations in ensemble harmony in isolation
when you can listen in close proximity but are completely removed
when you can't hear the room but the room can hear you
singing together without hearing each other
when the room sings with you

This performance/installation would not be possible without the conscientious interests, ideas and voices in various workshops, meetings and rehearsals.

In no particular order and I hope I didn't forget anyone:
Alejandro T. Acierto
Zachary Good
Jeff Kimmel
Douglas Farrand
Jamila Kekulah Kinney
Erika Råberg
Wilson Tanner Smith
Ben Zucker
Matt Bodett
Cathy Hsiao
Bill Parod
Julian Otis
Adam Shead
Keefe Jackson
Marquisha Lu
Jake Laukhuf
Max Silva
Matt Carroll
Alex Babbitt
Emily Beanblossom
Matt Chacon
Deborah Handler
Jill DeGroot
Caitlin Ryan
Peter Jurmu
Jason Shanley
Keer Yang
Julia Dratel
Dena Springer
Sid Yiddish
Seth Parker Woods
High Concept Labs
Billie Jean
Barbara Egel
Steven Wang