Magnus Granberg
Night Will Fade And Fall Apart (for sextet)

Performed by Tya Ensemble:
Josefin Runsteen (violin)
My Hellgren (cello)
Finn Loxbo (guitar)
Anna Christensson (piano)
ohn Eriksson (vibraphone)
Ryan Packard (percussion).

“In early 2021 pianist and producer Alex Zethson asked me if I would be interested in writing some music for a hand-picked ensemble of his choosing, consisting of musicians active within various strands of contemporary musics. I was of course as honored as I was excited to get such a wonderful opportunity to get to know and work with musicians I for the most part did not know personally or had had the opportunity to work with before. So I suggested this old idea of mine to write a large piece for chamber ensemble with a variable and flexible structure where the different parts also could be performed as solo pieces as well as be combined in different ways so as to form smaller ensemble pieces of varying durations.

The piece, which is called Night Will Fade and Fall Apart, takes as its points of departure two different songs by French, late medieval composer Solage (Tres gentil cuer and En l’amoureux vergier) as well as from the popular song and jazz standard My Foolish Heart by Victor Young and Ned Washington, from whose lyrics the piece also borrows its title, albeit in a slightly transformed manner.

                                                          — Magnus Granberg